ModaBaby is turning ONE!

Guess what friends -  

ModaBaby is turning O N E !

October marks the one-year anniversary of my business, bringing you the best crawling leggings for your baby.  

In many ways, the first year of being in business is like the first year of parenthood: a long period of growth preparing for your idea to be "born", many sleepless nights, life-affirming joy, moments of self-doubt, lifelong friendships formed, and a deep ocean of love.

So to properly commemorate the occasion and to help to encourage you in your own parenthood or entrepreneurial journey, I've teamed up with ModaBay customers and some of my fellow friends in parenthood to share what we've learned in the first year of our baby(ies) life.

Follow along all month via our social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram and be inspired by these incredible testaments of strength, love, joy and personal growth that these incredible parents have to share. 

And we want to hear from you!  Share your own stories of what the first year of your child's life has taught you by tagging us @modababyusa on Facebook or Instagram, and using the hashtag #thefirstyear .

Or - send us a message at the contact form below!

Wishing you grace and peace from our beach to yours,

Katherine Hanson
Founder, ModaBaby


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