We Are Closing (temporarily)

Dearest friends and followers -
I will be closing ModaBaby.com temporarily, as we will be traveling and living on the road for the remainder of the year with my family.  This next stage of our lives is what we feel called to enter into, thus making it logistically impossible to process orders and manage inventory, so I have no choice but to set it aside for the time being.
But don't worry - you will still be able to purchase our famous GripStart Leggings™ via our distribution partners at Amazon.com (Prime eligible!) until we start up again later in the year.
ModaBaby is by no means closed for good - but I need to take a break while I devote this time to our grand family adventure.  So as of Wednesday, May 30th, all orders for our GripStart Leggings™ will need to be made through our page at Amazon.com or one of our local retail partners.
Until then, don't forget to take 50% off all Leggings with code MOVING at checkout.
None of the many successes that I've had with ModaBaby would have been possible without your love and support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I invite you to follow along with our journey by following me on my personal Instagram page, @KatherineHanson_
Grace and peace,
ModaBaby Founder

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