We Are Moving...

So... we are moving. 

Away from Folly Beach.

Away from Charleston.

To where... we don’t know yet exactly.

This will be big news to some of you - to whom I say sorry I forgot to mention it! - and not so new “news” to some.

While it may seem sudden - it has been a few years coming. Our reasons are varied: some are private, many are not.

I could continue to grow and be happy here - despite the growing pains of this city - for many more years to come.  My husband, however, is feeling restless.  His dream of living out West near the Rocky Mountains simply can't wait any longer.  This is a calling for adventure we can't miss.  Where we'll land exactly - New Mexico? Colorado? Wyoming? Montana? - is yet to be determined.  And we plan to spend the rest of this year finding our next right place to call home.

I moved to the Charleston area in the Fall of 2013 from Los Angeles, and I had no idea what to expect.  This city has surprised me in so many ways.  I'm constantly amazed by the creative energy of the people who call this place home.  And the more my interests grew, the more beautiful people I found to surround myself with.  Aside from being newly engaged to my husband, living within walking distance of surf breaks captured my initial excitement about our home on Folly Beach - however it has been the Charleston community as a whole that has kept my heart and attention the most.

This recent phase of our lives spent in Charleston has been perhaps the most formative and significant for me yet.  Our son was born here.  We brought him home for the first time here.  Frank and I got married at our home here, where we also learned how to love and understand each other.  I found my Dharma here in Charleston.  And I finally rediscovered my Original Spirit.

I have learned so much during my time here.  Not just about work or something superficially beneficial - but I learned how to live here in Charleston.  I found my joy, and I began to thrive.  I've realized that I had a lot of unfinished business here in the South when I gleefully moved away so many years go.  I thought getting away held the keys to my happiness, fortune, and wellbeing; as it turns out, the only way forward is through that unfinished business, and beneath that covered up pain.  The best moments of my life and the culmination of my worst fears both happened within months of each other during that first year - it became clear soon enough that part of what drew me back was a final opportunity to say yes to myself by saying no to a poisonous and abusive family dynamic.  A final and resounding no to those who cause so much grief and pain to make up for their own suffering.  All of the goodness and joy that I've cultivated in my life since stems from that exact moment of clarity.

So here I sit - in our half-way packed house approximately one week from our moving date - trying to put down some thoughts into words, trying to articulate what seems impossible to put into text.  True to form, I have our calendar packed right up until the move.  I promise you this is not an avoidance technique!  There are a few important things I have set in motion that I could not leave Charleston without doing.  I find it interesting that we are moving away right when I feel my work shifts into a higher level.  But that is Spirit, I guess, up to its tricks.

I realize you might have a few questions: What about ModaBaby?  Are you going to continue to teach Zumba®?  What about writing?

ModaBaby will continue on... for now.  I have nothing but immense gratitude for this little company of mine - it has delivered me to the exact right place in my life by showing me my life's purpose.  However, we will be traveling a lot over the next six months, and family time will be the priority over computer work and phone calls.  Starting in May, my inventory will be put away until late Fall when we will be back to retrieve it.  The best I can tell you is to buy now, and stay tuned for updates.  

As for Zumba®?  Well baby, we've only just begun.  My class at Lululemon on April 22nd will be my last class in the Charleston area for the foreseeable future, however I will be teaching on the road in some way, shape, or form.  I've got so many ideas on where to take my practice, that I feel like I am at the beginning of a journey to discover what is possible.  That, coupled with my writing, are two parts of me that will continue to unfold as we step into the beautiful unknown of our little family adventure.

Whoever you are reading this - I want to thank you.  Thank you for your love, your support, for being who you are, and for showing up to your own lives that has inspired me to continue to do the same in mine.  This place and my time here truly would not have been the same without you.  I hope that you will follow along on my Instagram account (@katherinehanson_) and my blog site here as we embark on this crazy family adventure

Until we meet again!

Grace and peace -


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  • Anne Rich

    So very happy for ya’ll! I know as long as you are with your little family no matter where you roam ..you will always be home….

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