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Becoming Fearless

This article originally appeared in the June 2018 print issue of Skirt! Magazine.   It was a monsoon-like day when my husband, Frank, our 3-year-old son, Reese, our dog, Chaos, and I piled ourselves and whatever remaining items didn’t fit into our moving pod into our truck and Sprinter van. With a boat and a Green Egg grill in tow, we waved goodbye to our beloved Folly Beach home, shook the hands of its new owner, and pulled out of town, headed into the unknown. “Why would we ever leave Charleston?” you might ask. After all, it is the No. 1 city in the world for pretty much everything. “Who would ever want to move away?” We had our reasons,...

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Grieving a Job Loss

By Katherine Hanson This article appeared originally in the April 2018 print issue of skirt! Magazine   I lost my job recently. I knew it was coming. The market wasn’t there for the company I worked for at a level that could justify my position. It had been a frustrating few months as I began to realize that it was going to take more time to see my efforts pay off. Unfortunately, the “powers that be” needed to restructure our hub to be more efficient in response to what the market was telling us. I was hoping to get ahead of it somehow by reassigning myself to other roles, or perhaps resign in a month or two with another offer...

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Don't Give Up On the Boys: 7 Practical Tips on How to Raise a Feminist Son

As a boy mom with no plans of trying for a girl, I can feel a bit left out of one crucial part of the Feminist conversation, particularly about the duty of us moms to raise strong girls. As a mother to a three year-old boy named Reese and as a female myself, I've had a few well-formed and strongly opinionated thoughts about how to raise and encourage the development of independently capable young ladies over the years.  But what happens when you can't funnel all of the lessons-learned from your childhood angst and female intuition into a daughter of your own?

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