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Grieving a Job Loss

By Katherine Hanson This article appeared originally in the April 2018 print issue of skirt! Magazine   I lost my job recently. I knew it was coming. The market wasn’t there for the company I worked for at a level that could justify my position. It had been a frustrating few months as I began to realize that it was going to take more time to see my efforts pay off. Unfortunately, the “powers that be” needed to restructure our hub to be more efficient in response to what the market was telling us. I was hoping to get ahead of it somehow by reassigning myself to other roles, or perhaps resign in a month or two with another offer...

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Catching up with Renee Frojo of Laurel Street Kitchen

Hi friends!  I'm so excited to share with you an old friend of mine who is now a food writer, blogger, chef, and social media brand strategist.  Renee Frojo is the creator and chef-in-charge of the website Laurel Street Kitchen: California Cooking with a Touch of Spice, which she runs out of her kitchen (which is on, you guessed it, Laurel Street) in San Francisco.  Renee and I grew up together in Auburn, Alabama, and even though our lives took us in very different directions, it has been so great to reconnect through our passions for food and our businesses! As a part of her work with Laurel Street Kitchen (LSK), she maintains an Instagram account of her latest culinary creations...

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